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New Blog!

28 Oct

Being a Sagittarian, I feel the need to talk in great length about every little thing I’m feeling. My lack of boundaries is what makes me, me and in some instances, is what gets me into a great deal of trouble.

Is this why I have started a new blog? To talk a great length more than I should, in the hope I will offend and possibly alienate myself from those that socialize with me, or follow me via Facebook or Twitter?


Though, I can’t promise that the above won’t happen.

I see blogging the same way as I saw writing in my Diary as a child. It’s a place to share what is on your mind with no limit to what you can write.

I know that Blogging for most, is about carving out a niche for oneself; attracting others that are solely interested in the same passion. I personally, don’t like to be sitting pretty under one title. I have spent a lifetime being told that I have to be able to say ‘what I do’ or ‘who i am’ in one succinct sentence. That one sentence response, is still non existent.

I’m a lot of things to a lot of different people and I like it that way. I hope this blog reflects a lot of different views, loves and grievances and in no way can be seen as predictable; for even when I have tried, I’m not very good at conforming to the status quo and if that’s your bag, this ain’t a blog for you.

So, hello! Welcome and for some of you goodbye. I look forward to making you laugh or turning you off – whatever comes first.

Have fun!

Kristy x

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