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It’s the Final Countdown!!!!

29 Nov

There is nothing you can do in this world without the support of passionate people with genrosity to boot. I hope you will all agree with this statement! When i get all gushy like this, you can be sure I’m working on a project!

The last few days have been nothing short of CRAZY as I get organised for the Teaser shoot for – DEADHEART.

The first great thing that happened today, (Besides being greeted by my stellar work experience girl for the week – Millie!) was receiving a call from a very excited Make-Up Artist, offering her services for the shoot. She sounded as excited about the project as I hope the people that eventually view the Teaser will be and it reminded me that generous, positive people are a gift and by George I am a lucky girl on this shoot! You guys know who you are!

I felt like Alexis’ call brought a heap of positive energy and from that point on, the day was rolling along quite beautifully – it was hectic but we got a lot of the things on our to do list struck off (Thank goodness Millie started putting a list together for us, otherwise, who knows how disorganised this Sagiattarian over here may have been!).

I have one full day left to have everything ready to go and when Thursday’s shoot is done, I can blow out a candle on a gluten free cupcake and celebrate being 1 year older and hopefully a little wiser. Yep, it won’t just be a full on day but it’s my Birthday too and I’m sure the combination of both will make for some seriously interesting emotions!

Just last week, it was exactly a year ago that I held a party at The Red Rattler and screened “Something Fishy” to friends, our generous crew, cast and donors. It felt like Christmas! Nothing is more satisfying than hearing a room of people laugh at the right points in your film and there’s also nothing more overwhelming than having that kind of support!

At the beginning of this year I was interviewed by Metroscreen as a follow-up about the completion of the film. In that interview they asked me what my goals for the future were and I replied that I just wanted to be able to pay my crew. I’m really looking forward to the day where I can provide all the people that have helped me, with a really well paid job! It’s still my only goal for the future as a filmmaker and I am hoping I’ll be able to do this for them sooner rather than later. Talented people deserve something amazing when they devote their time and genius to passion projects. No one will be forgotten kids – ever!

Since it’s also the Final Countdown to my Birthday, I figured I should thank those that have been supportive, caring, loving, understanding and above-all-else acepting of me, my hyper moods, my serious tangents and my dark and twisted ideas! 🙂 Arabella, Priscilla, Camilla, Lucilla, Katarina, Karima (Yes, I have noticed the pattern)Paradox, Kim, Mel A, Ben S, Alex B, Alex K, Colin E, PJ, Matt H, Massimo, Glen, Ben M, Kavi and Tash. Its been a big year and you guys have been on the other end of the phone, Skype, or by my side the whole way. You’re the most amazing group and thank you for allowing me to be part of your lives. xx Some of us have also worked together, so thankyou for the sweat as well as the heart. 🙂

This was a bit of a general post but I am pretty much Scrambled Eggs upstairs as I wrap up this process of pre-production! Looking forward to the other end of December 1st! 🙂


Work Experience with Kristy….

23 Nov


Lauren has been a star so far this week. Lets face it. When your Work Experience Mentor sleeps in and picks you up from the Train Station an hour late on your second day, you are bound to learn one constant of the Entertainment Industry – You will be forever waiting around. I am a kind of Mister Miyagi forever teaching the hard lessons in an effort to build a Karate Master! Okay, maybe not… but I have to say, my night owling is part of how I get work done so close to a shoot and getting up at a normal time is almost impossible. Sorry Lauren. :-/ I am officially a butthead.

Lauren is the first of two Work Experience girls I have with me over the next two weeks. Lauren is with me for three days of this week and Millie, five of next. Since I am in pre-production on the Deadheart Teaser the girls will see a few behind the scenes bits and pieces as well as how much fun working from my Bedroom in my parents house is. There is no glam in filmmaking and no money, except there’s always enough to spend on a  ridiculous amount of coffees in a variety of Cafes in Surry Hills. (You need some sort of reward for all the rushing about!) I think Lauren now knows where to find the best Cafes in Sydney. One thing I have done right is Lunch!

I got insanely close to being able to make up for the morning’s mishap when I had a message on my voicemail from one of my Best Friends asking if I wanted to attend the X Factor Grand Final but unfortunately she couldn’t get a ticket for Lauren too, so we both bowed out and instead focused on getting back to all that we had to do!

We browsed boutiques for costumes, bought props at Reverse Garbage and talked about how boys truly are more dramatic than girls on the long trip back from the city to Hornsby during peak hour. I made Lauren pose under a variety of fluorescent lights in our second location for next weeks shoot and handed her the camera so that she may film herself in the nail salon whilst I had my nails painted for a job. Lauren had a crash course in music licencing today as well as casting and I learnt Lauren’s favourite colour is turquoise because it goes with absolutely everything. In that exact moment, I realised I hadn’t been selective enough in choosing my favourite colours. People generally think I overthink things but in this instance – obviously not.

We have a heap to get through tomorrow and some of it will probably be shared on this Blog, Facebook, Twitter – all the usual places. Poor Millie is going to have the busiest week of her life next week……Her personal animated gif may be less smiley than Lauren’s….We’ll see.


Comedyyyyyyyy (music videos)

16 Nov

Heyyyyyyy! (Firstly, why do kids do this weird extra letters thing these days?)

I digress.

I LOVE Comedy. That’s no surprise to those of you that know me well. I love laughter, I celebrate the wit behind good humour and if you’ve seen my own work, I love to dip my toes into the darker side of Comedy.

Because of this love and need for laughter in my life, I’m going to start posting up Comedy vids I adore/enjoy/appreciate each week, along with my usual ra ra rant blogs 🙂

My first post is about the very talented @maxdionne (yes, I now refer to people via their twitter handle only. If you’re not careful I will start hashtagging in texts and emails). I came across Max in a ‘Back of the Class’ comedy music vid and immediately started following their sketch group.

My all time favourite clip of BOTC is “Hollywood A-S-S-T”. If you live in LA, or know the entertainment Industry well, you will absolutely love this extremely smart clip. The lyrics are thoroughly impressive!

Here it is – Hollywood A-S-S-T

Max’s latest clip he doesn’t feature in but these super cute kids do!

Gettin’ Sugar High (Halloween Rap)

To round out this post, it is only fitting for me to introduce you to one of my Best Friends and all round talented woman @priscillabonnet

Priscilla wrote, produced and starred in her first comedy music vid “Fully Famous – D.U.I” at the end of last year. The clip is super slick and very funny starring Priscilla, Krew Boylan and Dave Eastgate.

I am a big fan of comedy music vids, especially having grown up singing and dancing at the good ol’ Johnny Young Talent School and I love the genius that goes into these videos.

If you have any funny music videos to share with me, please post them up in the comments section! Or find my facebook page and post them up there!

Find @maxdionne and @priscillabonnet on twitter and if you like their stuff, let them know!


I’m going to Las Vegas!

7 Nov

I’m not actually, I’m just quoting an episode of ‘So you think you can Dance – US’ that I saw about a year ago. I was watching it with my Dad and we watched all these fabulous Dancers burst through double doors into a foyer, waving a slip around in the air, going absolutely bonkers with excitement, screaming ‘I’m going to Las Vegas’. I turned to my Dad and said – “Why don’t we do that here? Why aren’t we allowed to shamelessly celebrate our achievements?”. Dad agreed with me and felt that we should be able to, especially in the Arts, when we are consistently fighting the odds!

This concept came up again recently when I was filling in for a friend at a Dance School in Hornsby. I wanted to see whether or not the young dancers in my class had the ability to embrace their talent, or would prefer to take the back seat in order not to ruffle any feathers or be seen as arrogant. Nobody likes a big talker, smooth walker or a poppy on the rise right? I came up with my own, I have to admit – ‘strange’ test. I put some music on and I asked everyone to dance around as if they were at a party. A class of about 20 talented teens immediately became the most uncoordinated  individuals I have ever seen. An unco dance jig ensued where people just bounced around kicking one foot out after another – and no, I’m not talking about shuffling. This was like watching the Irish in a Balmain pub on St Patrick’s Day. I let the kids know (after I did my best impersonation which instigated a great deal of laughter) and I asked them this –  ‘Do you think that professional swimmers go to the Beach and pretend to drown to fit in with everyone else? Why then as dancers, is it important to hide what you do best?’

I got where it was coming from. I spent a lot of my teen years fearing the same schoolyard criticism, or rather avoiding hearing more of the awful stuff all the girls would say under their breath as they passed me in the hallway. Being a teenager can suck but I feel like this is the age habits begin in terms of your confidence surrounding your creativity. Pursuing a career in the Arts can be called ‘unrealistic’ and you risk growing into an adult that can’t answer the typical question of “What do you do?” without  apologizing for what it is that you actually love!

We all want to be liked but at what cost? I wish when I was a teen, someone told me to be who you are and not hide away out of fear of unwanted attention.

It took me way too long to finally realize this and now, I want to encourage everyone I know that is passionate about the Arts to embrace it! Embrace failing, succeeding, creating, learning, growing, getting frustrated…..Don’t allow yourself to be mediocre to make everyday life easier. Expect the criticism and sometimes the lack of support from people you expected it from most and when it happens, push harder. Tell everyone about your small wins and scream louder about the big ones! Celebrate!

Next time your friend shares a win with you – celebrate it. Make it okay for them to maybe jump up and down and ‘go to Las Vegas’. High fives are underrated and I’m all for bringing back the Lleyton Hewitt “C’monnnnnnnn!!”.

If you’ve had a small or a big win lately and you’re brave enough to share it – do it here on the Blog! Or go crazy and status it on Facebook! I think it’s time to make it okay to go to Las Vegas and allow The Arts as a Community to garner the focus and positive attention it deserves!


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