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Last years fireworks to get you revved up for this years!! Sydney can put on a show!

30 Dec


It’s not me, it’s you, you crazy, crazy person….

30 Dec

It’s Summer! Old friends return home, new friends are on the rise and romance! Well, what would Summer be without a fling?!

Amidst all the socializing, drinking, dancing and goodness knows what else (you kids these days…) it is important to remember that emotions can be a little heightened…To say the least.

We have all just survived Christmas with our families and are about to welcome a new year where we vow not to date another loser, befriend one more bunny boiler or max out our many credit cards. Expectations are high and for crying out loud we’ve had a pretty cold year and that Bikini body you were hoping to pull out at North Bondi didn’t quite happen.

You’re feeling the pressure to be super human and turn your whole life around after midnight NYE and that mixed in with the heat and alcohol can make people somewhat irrational and a tad bit sensitive.

What am I talking about? Here’s an example –

You walk into an NYE party and you bump into one of your oldest friends ‘Rob’. Rob introduces you to his new girlfriend and for some unknown reason, she is the ultimate ice queen. Instantly you have been frozen out – just like that. Was it something you said, or didn’t say? Did he tell her you guys had a drunken pash at Justin’s house a few years back? Or maybe he accidentally called her your name this morning in the car? Whatever it is don’t stress, it doesn’t matter, for this is the perfect moment to tell yourself. It’s not me, it’s you, you crazy, crazy person.

Don’t let someone else’s ‘issue’ ruin your night. Insecurity is like a virus. One person has it, then they pass it on by form of an inappropriate comment or rude behaviour and voilà you’re the host body, spending the night obsessing over why someone didn’t like you.

Insecurity is ugly and from time to time we fail to recognise it rearing its horrible head, making you obsess over the most pathetic snide comment or turning you into a jealous moron.

“I hate her!” um…why? What did she do? Was she rude to you? Did she tell you she hated your dress? What was it? “It’s just something about her”.

Now, let’s be honest girls. You’ve said those words when you’ve really wanted to say – Joseph said he had a crush on her before we met, or, she and Matty text each other too much or, she’s got a better body than me.

This is the exact moment you need to remind yourself that how you feel about this person, is purely about you, not them. They haven’t done anything to you, except for existing and the only way for you to get over your dislike for them, is to get over your dislike for yourself! That’s right! Give me a talk show and call me Dr Phil because the buck stops with you! When you feel this kind of behaviour bubbling to the surface it is your responsibility to remember you’re the problem – not them.

Women aren’t the only culprits in these situations. Men do it too. Let me introduce you to a little something called ego. Needing to be the King of the jungle tends to make men hate other men who are pretty much carbon copies of themselves. Of course men dislike men that they think are douchebags too but from my experiences, men generally are better at disguising it, choosing to use their dislike for someone as motivation to be better than them.

The need to feel valid and special makes us all feel and be stupid at times. No one is perfect. Sticks and stones can hurt and their marks can last for months, sometimes years, that’s why it’s important that you reign it in! If someone makes life difficult for you this Summer remember our little phrase – it’s not me, it’s you. If you start feeling like someone else is reminding you that you’re insecure about the size of your butt, your relationship with your partner or how successful you are? Well, they didn’t make you feel that way – you allowed yourself to. and frankly you are being the crazy, crazy person that’s ruining someone else’s night as well as your own.

Make a new years resolution to improve what you believe to be ‘missing from your life’, so you don’t spend next Summer comparing and feeling insecure, when you should be enjoying the Holidays.

Happy New Years friends and do make it a good one. Share the love and leave the craziness for the dancefloor!

‘Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent’ – Eleanor Roosevelt

When is being all for one and none for all a bad idea?

26 Dec

Apart from the answer to this post subject being an entirely obvious one, it appears that looking out for numero uno is increasingly  the way of the land.

We live in a fast paced, competitive world, where if you wait and ponder for too long, you risk being trampled by a pod of Hippos on a determined path to get ahead. People will tread on you; most playfully, some ferociously and all the while you’re expected to keep your values in tact.

Good guys don’t need to finish last and bad guys, well, their reputation proceeds them and eventually exterminates them.

Regardless of the world migrating online, hiding behind their laptops and mobile phones; core values still exist. Those that wish to communicate effectively within their community and industry cannot run the risk of severing themselves from mankind.

In 2011 I went on a mission to connect with genuine people. Integrity and kindness being the most important features I looked for in the people I met.

Good people aren’t hard to find if you make an effort to read those in front of you. I often feel like we see what we want to see and we fail to choose wisely in who we spend our time with.

“You are who you hang with”. Your closest friends will shape who you are, influence your beliefs and either lift you up or drag you down. Life is too short to be surrounded by what my father likes to call ‘dead weight’ – people that celebrate your losses and encourage you to seek out mediocrity over passion.

Believe in the power of  community, respect those that operate within it and invest in your peers. Respect should be a given, regardless of  whether or not you share a friendship. Personalities may clash and it is imperative to recognise that although it would be great to connect with and have a mutual sense of comradery with everyone in your industry, not so surprisingly, that won’t always happen. A mutual respect of each others accomplishments and efforts however, is something we can all control.

In the long term, the goal isn’t to be liked by all, the goal is to find your crew and board that ship. Respect the journey and the people at all stages of it – those that are just recruting their crew, those that have boarded -well on their way and those that have arrived.

I’ve had a huge amount of people give up their time, invest their talent/money/energy into my projects. These people aren’t being generous just because they’re good people but because as individuals they’re passionate about creating. They’re also intelligent human beings in search of the perfect ‘community’. By seeking out those you respect and by working with them – you grow. By giving to those that need your help – you grow. By challenging yourself and believing in your future – you grow. All in all, none of the above can be achieved alone.

I understand that referring to the people you engage with as your ‘community’ sounds borderline ‘motivational speaker-esque’ but that’s what they are. They’re your people!

You have a small core group and then a larger circle of people that are linked to you and your team. For some, you will fall into the outer circle of people and for others you will fall into their core group. Either way you’re part of something bigger and you can choose to be a positive addition or not. However, being a positive addition is by far the most rewarding and contributes to the greater good of ‘all’.

‘One’ fits into ‘none’ a little too perfectly. It’s Christmas and if you have learnt anything from today  – giving is the greatest gift.

Why you can’t succeed as a creative without a team

All the things that will definitely not be in my Stocking.

24 Dec

Christmas already!

24 Dec

Christmas has arrived!  The happiest time of the year! The one day in which we all max out our credit cards, eat too much, nap after lunch and possibly for some of us, find a way to sit at the kiddy table in order to avoid most of the ‘grown ups’ in the family. Nothing wrong with that at all – kids are generally far more interesting than adults anyway. 🙂

For the last few days I have settled into the silly Season focusing my energy on getting through way too many of my mum’s Christmas Chocolate Rum Balls….Yep, wow, for a non-drinker those things are pretty potent, yet strangely satisfying….I think I may be beginning to understand why people drink….. Anyways, enough about Rum Balls! I have to STOP talking about them! I’ve almost become a Rum Ball pusher! Educating people on what they are, endorsing them and then promising most of Sydney that I would get a batch of my mum’s over to them after Christmas! They have seriously been the total focus of my last week! This post just may be a call for help and an intervention may need to happen come New Years Eve, if I’m still consuming 4 of these golf sized beauties a day! Addicted.

On a less crazy and more personal note, I just want to say thanks to those of you that have been part of my life this year. The support and the love mean so much and I particularly appreciate those of you that are always there to back me up. There’s nothing more refreshing in this world than being surrounded by people that are confident in who they are and talented at what they do, without any ego and competition. You all inspire me. I would have sent out cards but that wouldn’t be very me and I secretly don’t like cards very much (not a secret anymore) and in this day and age an email/text will do, yeh? :-/

I will probably be tweeting away the things that get said on the drive up the Coast to Christmas Lunch, as well as what gems are said around the table. My family are notorious for great one liners and let’s face it – I am addicted to online media. When do I not have my Blackberry in my hand? …..Rum Balls and Blackberry’s…..This is definitely a call for help. ;p

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everybody! And please drive safely!

Whilst I’m here, what’s everyone up to for New Years????

Last year I stayed in and watched ‘The Truth about Cats and Dogs’ on TV and I have to say, it was one of my best NYE’s ever. Ha!


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